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In a fit of desparation, my sister suggested I should do a website. I'm trying to attend an awesome year-long ministry leadership program and I don't have the money. My parents (bless their hearts) refuse to pay. This is my story, I hope you can help!

WHO AM I? My name is Amelia Juliet, and I'm your non-average, abnormal young person 18-years-of-age and I just graduated from high school and passionate about the things of God. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I attend New Covenant Christian Center and have been since I was four.

My senior year was tough. As most seniors thought about their future and college, I thought about mine too. Lacking a clear purpose and direction, I decided to postpone college and was accepted to a year-long, intensive leadership and mission program in Garden Valley, Texas called the Honor Academy.

The program is incredible and in my about section, I've discussed it more in-depth, including whatI hope to gain.

MY PROBLEM When I was accepted to the Honor Academy, I knew it was going to take faith in God to get me there. Needless to say, it has not been a "popular choice" with my family. My parents have refused to support me in this endeavor as they'd rather I go to college. I respect them, and that's their right. I'm fine with doing this thing on God's strength alone as I know He's called me to be there. I've been working a summer job at Cold Stone Creamery to save money but I only have until the end of August to gather a great deal of my funds.

The Honor Academy is a non-profit organization completely dependent on the donations and tuition of others. They make no profit as all their money goes to operating costs. My tuition also covers my housing, meals, and a required missions trip.

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HOW YOU CAN HELP I am on a mission to raise $2,000 in one and a half months and an additional $6,000 by throughout the course of the year. My sister has told me about the power of the internet. This is my test of faith to see if it can work. Don't worry, I'm going my part too.

Your donation can be tax-deductible too. I'm committed to thanking every donor either by email or handwritten note. If you can't donate, I understand, but do me a favor and forward my site onto someone who can! Just think, if 2,000 people donated just $2.00 I'd be half-way to my goal!